Sunday, 18 March 2018

Turnbull refuses to act on Australia's "gay conversion" mental health torturers

Turnbull's Mardi Gras selfies at this years Mardi Gras
After an in depth report from Fairfax main stream media about Australia's burgeoning "gay conversion"/torture therapies, prime minister Turnbull has refused to act. Calling it a "state issue". This despite complaints about conversion therapy being levelled at the Federally run school chaplaincy program that was instituted via Tony Abbott (white bitter middle aged Catholic). 

Also the state of Victoria taking it on as said "state issue" and asking for federal gov help in dealing with it.

Also it being appropriate to refer this as a federal issue because it's being questioned over a religious right in the RWNJ inspired inquiry into religious freedom in Australia. Fair enough I reckon. Inquiring about religious freedom works both ways you know...

Victorian Mental Health Minister Martin Foley said the Andrews Government was deeply concerned about the impact of gay conversion therapy, telling Fairfax Media: “It’s a whole new level of bullying and mental health trauma, where people are urged to deny who they are.” The problem, he admitted, is that much of it is “clandestine,” making it difficult to track and regulate.

“But that shouldn’t stop us." “What is needed is for it to be taken up as a key part of the national mental health strategy,” said Mr Foley, who is also Victoria's Equality Minister.

“Groups like beyondblue and Orygen talk regularly about one of the major drivers (of mental health problems) being LGBTI young people dealing with identity denial. And yet here, under a cloak of respectability, some organisations are promoting that very denial... It’s not anything other than dangerous quackery.”

 The national mental health strategy commits governments to improve the mental health of Australians, prevent suicide, and reduce stigma and discrimination. If conversion therapy formed part of this plan, it would essentially sign up the states and the Commonwealth to work together to address the issue.

However, when asked if the Prime Minister was concerned about the practice, Mr Turnbull’s spokesman declined to comment, saying it was a question for Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Mr Hunt’s spokesman, in turn, said: “This is not something which is funded, supported or practiced under the Commonwealth. Therefore by law this is a matter for states.”

Canberra’s response belies the fact that gay conversion ideology has been quietly pushed in schools as part of the federal government’s chaplaincy program.

It has also been raised in the context of the federal review into the religious freedom.

A Change.Org petition distributed last week, with about 12,000 signatures and counting, also calls for Mr Turnbull and Mr Hunt to act. The Age
This just isn't good enough. I'd bet if straight people were on the line over this the reaction would be very different from Canberra.

This despite the Fairfax report in to the abysmal circumstance where gay conversion therapies have free reign in Australia all under the disguise and umbrella of religion

Gay conversion has been discredited as ineffective, damaging, even dangerous. But across Australia, organisations who believe that LGBTI people can or should change are hard at work.

Conversion practices are hidden in evangelical churches and ministries, taking the form of exorcisms, prayer groups or counselling disguised as pastoral care.

They’re also present in some religious schools or practised in the private offices of health professionals.

They’re pushed out through a thriving network of courses and mentors in the borderless world of cyberspace, cloaked in the terminology of “self improvement” or “spiritual healing”.

And they’re causing real harm. The Age
Fucks sake, how much freedom do these religions want? We can get married and they  go bloody tropo :s  The Catholic church is protesting over dobbing in paedophiles to the police, and everyone wants to continue inflicting psychological torture on to the LGBT? And now they're using this inquiry into their freedoms to want to discriminate against us LGBT putting it into federal law? FFS! 

Let's not forget what happened in the US after they gained marriage equality where the LGBT seemed to fall asleep thinking they'd won it all. Little did they realise the reactions against them that the conservative christians would partake in.

Let's not forget that, and realise in Australia that there will be a similar backlash by the christians despite their defeat, albeit tempered by Australian society. Indeed, the struggle is very far from over.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Postal survey hate continues in Australia, despite our win

It's going to take Australia a long time to get past Turnbull's postal survey into our lives. It gave the fringe dwellers a right to "have their say". Looks like they've not given up after losing the survey and are sore losers, continuing the hatred towards us they expressed during the survey process.

One day the bigotry and division created by Turnbull will be consigned to history. But for now it's alive and well.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Marriage papers lodged & paid, date set for our gay wedding :)

We managed to get up early enough today and get into the Births Deaths and Marriages NSW gov thing, lodging our one month intent to marry forms and making a date for it. David and I will be getting married on May 5th (Sat) with a few close friends and family of 12 people at the Sydney city registry office venue. After that (yet to be arranged) we'll take those willing out of the twelve people to a restaurant for an after marriage thingo.

David and I didn't want a big deal of a marriage. We just wanted to do it with those closest to us. In that sense it will be perfect and perfectly intimate. This is exactly what we wanted.

David is even more over the moon than a cow jumping over it (I did grow up on a farm you know). Being gay he never thought that he'd see the day when he had a right to marry, let alone actually doing so because of love that compels one to do so. 

I feel the same for different reasons. After my late wife died in 2006 after many years of illness, and after I walked with her to her grave being there right to the end in the nursing home she ended up in for three short weeks, holding her hand as she passed away, I never thought that I would ever find love again like that. 

To find true love in one's life is very rare. It was beyond comprehension that it could happen not only once, but twice.

David is that second love I found in my one little life. We're the same soul, as my first time around. I'm marrying for the same reason; I love him deeply, just as I loved my wife.

It's been so very unfortunate that Australia has been at the mercy of the far right for far too long, and such recognition of gay love has been years overdue because of them. Many in Australia's LGBT community have died waiting because of them, not fulfilling their dearest wish. Only because the far right white bitter middle aged christian men decided they wouldn't let them. Appalling that Australia has been held ransom to these assholes since 2013. We will never forget what this gov has done to us, ever

But hey, David and I will take this victory of our struggle against them. The far right finally capitulated when their delusions of grandeur about a "silent majority" failed like a lead balloon. Their protestations at professional polling over more than ten years that the polling was wrong. The notions that all manner of skies were going to fall if the evil poof's love was officially recognised by the state. 

But it hasNo longer shall we cower. No longer will our love be challenged in Australia.

And I am fortunate enough through the chance of the universe to find love twice in one life. It's presently beyond my comprehension, as it was the first day David and I met. As it was the first day with my late wife. Now my love with David will be recognised just as my love for her.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Same sex marriage support has increased since being passed

Of course professional polling has shown strong support for ten years or so. The polling that the RWNJ's in Canberra didn't believe, electing instead to put us all through the wringer that was the postal survey. Many of the far right honestly believed that the No vote would win. That there was a "silent majority" that would rise up and save Australia from us dastardly gays. However despite the fear mongering that it would mean the end of life as we know it, polling pretty much stayed exactly were it was from the beginning to the end of the survey campaign with support at 62%.

I believe a big reason for the large turnout in the survey (even motivating me to participate after initially wanting to boycott the thing as an insult) was out of sheer frustration. That polling for ten years had shown strong support. That the RWNJ's in Canberra continued on in their oblivious fashion ignoring those polls. The desire to grab those politicians by the throat and shake them (metaphorically) and tell them FFS Yes! How many times do you fuckwits needs to be told before you listen to us! Sheesh!

Now after all of that, after we had to endure our very existence under a microscope and being debated nationally if our love should be recognised like everyone else in society, support has increased. The lies of the No campaign have come to nought. Essential polling last time it measured same sex marriage support it was at 61%. That's now gone up 4% to 65%.

What's more the numbers against have crashed. Against is down 6% from the last Essential poll to just 26%.

LGBTI rights advocate Rodney Croome of Just.equal said polls have shown substantial support for marriage equality for more than a decade.

 “If the government had paid attention to the long history of polls showing majority support for marriage equality, rather than waste a hundred million dollars on an unnecessary, damaging postal survey, we could have had marriage equality much sooner,” he said.

 Croome welcomed the new poll’s results, saying that Australians have now been able to see that allowing same-sex marriage is a positive and causes no harm.

 “Support for marriage equality is up because Australians have finally seen with their own eyes that the one and only outcome is a more equal and inclusive nation where loving, committed same-sex couples can tie the knot in front of family of friends,” he said.

 “Dire predictions about the sky falling in have not come to pass because they were based on fear, not fact.” Star Observer

Ten years of independent polling 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Wedding rings bought :)

We have bought the wedding rings and will go and organise a day and all at the marriage registry office soon. David got white gold (on the right) and I yellow. Mine has a sparkly thing from the flash, ha ha.

We had to download and print two forms from the registry site, one of which had to be witnessed by a Justice Of The Peace to witness as we signed it. We just went to the police station where they have one there behind the counter. We were the first same sex couple that she'd witnessed for. The times are changing folks :)

Life doesn't end after extreme adversity people. Or an HIV diagnosis.

WTF is are "excess imputation credits" - $8 billion/yr claimed by well off Aussies (video)

I've never heard of such a thing. Might as well be talking another language. I read the article and I still don't have the faintest idea what "tax imputation credits" are, but apparently this lurk of the well off is pulling $8 billion dollars out of gov revenue if left unchecked. Which opposition leader Bill Shorten wants to stop if Labor wins gov.

The fact that the average person in the community probably also hasn't the faintest idea what tax imputation credits are, is probably the point? They don't want you to know.

 To ordinary people it's a lot of mumbo jumbo. Yet it allows such largess by those well off enough who can afford an accountant to suck money from the public purse. This  is the sort of thing that constantly happens in Australia, the well off get tax minimisation whilst the poor, under this gov get demonised, punished, and robodebt. All to scrape chicken feed out of those who can least afford it.
In a speech in Sydney on Tuesday, Shorten will characterise the current arrangements as “unsustainable largesse for high-income earners”, which, if left unchecked, will cost the budget “$8bn every single year”.

 Shorten will argue the Howard government’s extension of the scheme “entirely distorts the original design of the dividend imputation system” and has left Australia as the only country in the OECD with a fully refundable dividend imputation credit system.

 The crackdown, commencing on 1 July 2019 if Labor wins the next federal election, would affect about 8% of taxpayers and about 200,000 self-managed super funds, and will likely spark a substantial backlash from wealthy retirees and the politically influential super lobby.

 The measure is a revenue bonanza for an opposition that has already made big commitments in education, welfare and health – clawing back $11bn in two years, with the estimated medium-term saving of $59bn. The Guardian

Sunday, 11 March 2018

First gay couple to be married legally in Australia suffers death of terminally ill partner (video)

It's a tear-jerker of a story, but also very sweet. Two Queensland female partners wanted to get married before one of them would die being terminally ill. They finally did it thanks to the effort of the state Births Deaths and Marriages who went out of their way to get everything done. In the end they were only married for days, but they did at last get their wish.

I was disappointed to read in the comments below, some sick asshole has written "god's wrath". Feel free to respond in the YouTube comments if you so desire. It appears the christians still haven't given up after losing the marriage equality postal survey.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Kyle Minogue's brand new song (audio)

Wow, I liked it from the first listen. Will be looking forward to the video release :)

Friday, 9 March 2018

Pastor charged with 47 counts of paedophilia - US (video)

Another one bites the dust folks. Yet again it's a christian leader and a straight man married for 15 years. Yet he has a charge sheet as long as your arm for molesting three boys, one under the age of 13.

Again, when people blame gays for paedophilia they overlook and enable the real paedophiles like this right under their noses.

After allegedly threatening to take his life last month over allegations that he raped two underage boys, Ronnie Gorton, a married father and lead pastor of The Awakening Church in Atoka, Tennessee, was indicted Monday on 47 counts of illegal relations with three underage boys.

 Among the charges, according to The Leader, are five counts of aggravated sexual battery, 17 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child, 16 counts of statutory rape by an authority figure, two counts of exploitation of a minor by electronic means, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, two counts of purchasing alcohol for a child, and one count of rape.

 "The nature of these charges clearly indicate the victims, at some point, were under the age of 13. The age of consent in Tennessee is 18," Tipton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Billy Daugherty said. The Christian Post

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Gun control by Mr Bean - this is for the Americans (video)

If anyone in the US is offended by this don't blame me. YouTube is the one to complain to as it suggested it for me :)

Think I'll download the whole series now, ha ha.

Honestly, WTF is going on over there guys? 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Planning our little wedding - a deeper level of love

It's difficult to explain how David and I are feeling right now. We're going through the first steps of organising our marriage to each other. We're using David's super money to do so as we have nothing else, to do so.

I rang Births Deaths And Marriages yesterday to arrange an appointment like their website says (we're going to do it at the Sydney city registry office where they have a whole wedding venue to do so, maximum of 12 people) to be told that now you don't need an appointment to bring in all our paperwork and forms of theirs that we've filled out. I said to the bloke on the phone to change their website instructions....  

So we downloaded the two forms involved, the Application For A Registry Marriage and the Notice Of Intended Marriage forms. One is a simple one that we printed out and filled in by pen. The other was a form fill-able one to type in on the PC, but we need to have it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace as we sign it. 

The easiest thing to do is go down to the cop shop and get it done there, but we are a bite trepid about that given what the NSW police have done to us LGBT in the past. We'll do it there if we have to but the community centre nearer has a Justice of the Peace who can do it and even if they're not available straight away we'd rather do it there. Without the possibility of judgement and having to stand there with a cop begrudgingly watching us and signing as the witness. 

In Australia we have to give one months notice of our intent to marry at Births Deaths And Marriages, once we go in there with all the correct paperwork. The registry office does everything from the initial forms to the marriage certificate. We can organise a date to be married there and pay the fee. It's looking like late April or early March. 

We're just going to have a very few very close friends and the occasional relative. My daughter and husband can come if they like but she may have just spit out my granddaughter and he likely will be working and have to take time off. My close sister in Sydney is going the be the best person, but as she's a teacher we have to arrange it around the April school holidays. David has the odd very close friends from his childhood who are members of the LGBT community.

Apart from all of that, we feel we're both entering a new level of our love.

My late wife and I married after many years together because we felt like it was time with our deep love for each other (we were together for 15 years and married about half way through that). David and I, even though we've been together only five years, have long felt we wanted to be married. Such has been the depth of our love.

So yes I know what it's like to be married. I know the dedication and love involved in that, as with my late wife. But that love is even more intense with David. To put it bluntly, I simply love him deeply not because of his sexuality but because of who he is

which is the way it should be. 

It appalled me over many years after meeting David and wanting to marry him, that our gov's stoically stood in the way of our of our love. Even Labor. Yet the wooden spoon goes to this present gov. We'll never forget what they did to us to get to this point.

So now David and I are preparing to do what we've long desired and long fought for; the recognition of our love by the state. David is in awe saying he'd never thought this would be possible (he hates politics and doesn't follow it as I do). I say to him that we've fought long and hard for this. We won. But he's still in awe.

We've both entered the about to be married love. 

Not the tenth marriage thing, not the Married Art First Site abomination that is the present series with straight marriage, being on free to air telly in Australia for years. Whilst David and I couldn't marry, rubbing in our faces that our love wasn't even equal to that.

All you can do is just put that all aside. Soon our love will be fully recognised. By the state. Fulfilling our love.

To find true love once in life is very special, something that rarely happens in humanity. It's an almost sacred thing. Such love will compel you to walk with your partner to their death. As I did with my late wife Wanda......

To find love twice in one lifetime is rare to say the least. Yet I have with David. Soon I'll marry him and if things go that way I'll walk with him to his death if it happens; such is my love and dedication to him.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

"Turn Back The Float" - protest at Liberal party Mardi Gras float :)

These people weren't part of the official Mardi Gras float list. They interupted the parade with this sign "Turn back the float" and stayed in front of the Liberal party float for the rest of the way.

Why in the hell the Liberals decided to have a float in the parade defies logic. Their brand is toxic to the LGBT community after what they did to us last year.

A group of activists under the auspices of “The Department of Homo Affairs” disrupted the parade and then marched the whole route in front of the Liberal party with the sign “Turn back the float. Justice for refugees”.

 This was in solidarity with refugees who Australia is sending offshore. It was also in response to the #SanctionAustralia call from RISE: Refugee Survivors and eX-Detainees.

 The spokesperson said that the crowd was receptive to their message, with an elder queer shouting “make the Mardi Gras political again”.

 This was clearly the aim of The Department of Homo Affairs, and it was in the tradition of queer protest that is humorous as well as political. They were dressed as Border Force agents and their flyer had such quips as “We will decide who CUMS here, and the circumstances in which they CUM”.

 The Liberal party forcing the LGBTQIA community into a horrendous vote is just one of its atrocities. Its treatment of refugees is something that our community needs to stand against.

 Some people do not have the luxury of a short memory. We have people in our community for whom marriage equality does not change their reality of violence and discrimination. And for the refugees left in torturous conditions, right now, forgetting is not an option.

 As a community we need our collective memory not just for ourselves – though clearly the narrative the Liberals are spinning is a lie. We also need a collective response to the treatment of refugees.

Mardi Gras started as a protest as well as a celebration and that is what it still should be. Next year let’s hope there are more people disrupting the Liberals. In fact, let’s demand that the Liberals are not there at all. Star Observer

Mardi Gras parade in full (video)

The legendary Dykes On Bikes lead the parade
Here is the whole parade, slightly edited with boring pauses taken out. We watched it last night, I thought it may get a bit monotonous at times but it was really entertaining.

Again you can download the YouTube video to your hard drive using this site, and relax watching it on the telly.

Cher's Mardi Gras party performance in full (video)

David and I weren't there as we were flat broke as usual, but thanks to the amazing phone technology they have now here is Cher's entire performance at the Mardi Gras party.

You can download the YouTube video to your hard drive using this site. It was much better hearing it through the speakers and watching it on the telly than on the PC.

It's pretty incredible that she's 71 and still looking this good :)

Monday, 5 March 2018

Cher has apologised for being in a selfie with Turnbull :)

*Update: It was Destination NSW that invited him, a state tourism and big event body of the NSW gov, which is even worse. Like he sneeked in through the side door. All to take credit for our struggle. 
There has been much abhorrence and rage at prime minister Turnbull appearing at the Marid Gras over the weekend. Not only for taking credit for marriage equality or for praising the postal survey as Australia giving us a "big hug", not only for celebrating the meeting of his wife at the time of the 1978 mardi gras where people were bashed and over 50 arrested, but for having the gall to even turn up to the thing. 

What's more he took a selfie with Cher who was unaware of what Turnbull had put us through last year. Months of hatred and bile directed at us on the national stage from church leaders, bigots, and the likes of Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby which questioned our right to even exist as part of society. Questioning the legitimacy of our personal relationships and lives, even the legitimacy of kids raised by same sex couples. Every fringe nut job was given a stage and permission to "have their say", all because he was too gutless to stand up to his own party fringe dwellers.

Cher has since apologised for appearing in the selfie.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has raised eyebrows after appearing at Mardi Gras and seeming to congratulate himself for the marriage equality postal survey.

 “It was like the nation gave same-sex couples an enormous hug,” Turnbull said during the broadcast.

“It was a vote for equality, a vote for respect and what a huge vote it was.”

Turnbull appeared during the parade—to booing—after the Dykes on Bikes and Boys on Bikes, later snapping a selfie with Cher.

 Social media users immediately hit back.

“We did it despite you, not with you,” tweeted one person.

 “No other photos of Turnbull at Mardi Gras have appeared. Nobody but Cher was fooled by him,” posted another.

 Some people tweeted at Cher directly about Turnbull and the harm caused by the marriage equality debate.

 “I urge you to say something about Malcolm Turnbull and renounce the photo that you had with him at Mardi Gras because he doesn’t care about gay people,” wrote one person.

 The Goddess of Pop and prolific tweeter engaged with the discussion, asking for more information about Turnbull’s relationship with the LGBTI community.

 “The man you talked to is a liar,” tweeted one person.

 “He illegally detains refugees/asylum seekers who are PoC in off-shore concentration camps were they are tortured, abused and killed. He speaks only in support of Trump.

 “He ensured LGBTIQ people were taunted and abused for months last year. Sorry.”

 Cher was quick to reply, saying she was sorry.

 “Am so sorry. Guess that’s why I have few friends who are politicians. He seemed very open and excited about Mardi Gras and LGBTI community,” she posted.

 During his appearance at the parade, Turnbull seemed to thank the original 1978 Mardi Gras protest for his own marriage.

 “It’s 40 years old, and 40 years ago Lucy and I had our first date, so our love affair is a result of Mardi Gras,” he told reporters. Star Observer