Thursday, 18 January 2018

Tax churches, not give them more freedom to discriminate - National Secular Lobby (video)

The National Secular Lobby is a newly formed group to address the issues involved in Australia's supposedly secular society and the role of religion influencing gov decisions. 

What immediately comes to mind in that is the Australian Christian Lobby which appears is linked at the hip to the present gov. Who could forget the conga line of gov far right christians introducing defeated amendment after defeated amendment to the marriage equality bill that passed parliament last month? All of them designed to introduce discrimination in to Australian law at a federal level to override state anti-discrimination laws. The unelected and unrepresentative Australian Christian Lobby was of course pushing hard for this, even going to the unheard of measure to write it's own discriminatory marriage inequality bill in an effort to replace the consensus bill that was before parliament. A religious overreach if ever there was one.

The religious freedom review will report back to parliament early this year. However it comes at a very inopportune time for religion almost immediately after the findings of the royal commission into child sex abuse, which saw the commission proclaim that 7% of Catholic priests were paedophiles. One would think that the public would be against churches being a law to themselves and wanting even more freedom to do so.

Now the National Secular Lobby has suggested that churches in Australia should be taxed like everyone else, and are in fact presently avoiding $20 billion a year in tax. Why not? Not taxing churches goes back to the 17th century when the church of England was born, the crown saying it wouldn't be taxed. It's an anachronistic law not belonging in modern Australia clear on the other side of the world from England three centuries later.

And also that the religion shouldn't be allowed to put it's discrimination into Australian secular law, which is what it will be trying to do in the religious freedoms review. It's time to increase the separation of church and state as religion is increasingly at odds with the large majority of public opinion. Religion needs to have less power in the public sphere, not more. The majority of Australians don't agree with them and don't want their rules invading our lives. It not justified, particularly that it's the secular society they live in that gives them the religious freedom that they already have.
Rather than sinking Australia deeper into a ‘soft theocracy’, federal parliament would do better to work seriously towards the separation of Church and State, and begin winding back excessive entitlements of mainstream churches. It would include reassessing the huge sums they avoid in tax, and go a long way to alleviating the financial pressure on the great majority of hard-working Australians. 

 Since federation, churches of every faith pay no tax, which includes most state and federal taxes — the levies, charges and taxation imposts paid by citizens and businesses. Many of these benefits flow from 17th century English law, giving tax exemptions to the (then) newly formed Church of England. Such largess was based wholly on their charter to “advance religion.” Little has changed. 

Religion avoids assessable taxes (excluding genuine charitable works) to the tune of some $20 billion each year — sufficient revenue to fix the budget deficit. All governments ignore this elephant in the room for fear of alienating the churches, but it’s a tempting idea — for hard-working men and women — to have religion finally paying their way, rather than giving them more freedom to discriminate. 

Australia is one of the last western countries to have finally removed historical discrimination against the LGBTI community, when we tentatively legalised gay marriage in December last year. So why on Earth would the federal government impose new discriminations — contrived by religious lobbyists — to allow Christians in the marriage industry to refuse retail and other services to same-sex couples? 

The safe bet is that Philip Ruddock’s ‘Religious Freedom Review’ will recommend further concessions to benefit a religious community already highly privileged with exemptions from anti-discrimination and taxation laws. But the Ruddock proposals will still need to play out on the floor of parliament, and defeat for the Prime Minister will be costly. That may well happen. 

Such an outcome will reinforce the triumph of marriage equality, and throw into stark relief the failure to grant religion further discriminatory rights. It may even flag an end to the ‘age of entitlement’ for churches and embolden enough MPs to think seriously about breaking with 17th century tradition to begin taxing religious profits. Most certainly, that would come as welcome relief to working Australians who continue to subsidise private church enterprises through their hard-earned taxes. The AIM  

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

"The New Gay Slang" - by the Order Of Sodomites (video)

I have so many YouTube subscriptions that I can't possibly go through the latest one's in one day, let alone a week! My latest tactic in that is to go minimal and bring it down to less. It's hard though I like them all, but on going through them I do find ones that I haven't watched for months even though I like them so I'm starting to unsubscribe from them.

On my wading through my YouTube subscriptions today doing that process, I found this little gem from some months back. The guy reading is trans so he's wearing women's clothes, his beard hasn't gone yet (shock/comedy factor?). The act is called the Order Of Sodomites. This one is bloody hilarious!

It's the summer break for most of January for much of Australia. I'm actually pretty happy about that as the intensity of last year has burned me out somewhat and I need time to recover and take stock. Yes we won marriage equality but our civil rights will be threatened by the religious freedom review early this year and must be addressed as we fought for our rights for marriage equality. That however is not now and I need to recognise the need to step back for a bit. 


Channel 7's Nazi reporting - Angry Aussie (video)

You'll love this if you're one of the many people pissed off about Channel 7's coverage of neo-Nazi's in Australia the other day, with social media being flooded with outrage.

So the story goes like this. There's a state election coming up in Victoria. Victoria presently has a popular Labor gov. The federal gov decides there's an imaginary African gang crime wave crisis in Victoria (there's not) and blames Victoria's Labor gov for this fictitious crime wave. Leaving many in Melbourne scratching their heads in disbelief at how absurd the federal gov could get.

Dopey Dutton claimed that people in Melbourne were to afraid to go out to restaurants, which promptly saw a flurry of tweets from people eating out in Melbourne. Dutton doubled down on it though much to the amazement of everyone. Dutton has even gone as far as to interfere with the independence of the Victorian judiciary, criticising magistrates for giving sentences he asserted were too light. 

Just when we all thought the lunacy couldn't get any more loonier, up pops this neo-Nazi group in Melbourne saying they're going to roam the streets in vigilante groups to address this fictitious African gang problem. And guess who got "exclusive access" to a meeting of these neo-Nazis? Yes, Channel 7. And they went ahead with it, calling the group "right wing activists" and not even challenging them on their ridiculous stupid lies. In other words they gave Nazis a platform, like they were normal.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Wallaby seen on Sydney Harbour Bridge (video)


A wallaby has been seen crossing the Sydney harbour bridge, before being pusued by police and eventually caught for it's own safety. Poor thing ended up being terribly stressed but is now under observation at the vests at Taronga Zoo to be released when it's well.

There an ABC video of it here, with it thwarting the police efforts at capture

Also this one from Twitter

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Billie Jean King rips new asshole in Margaret Court over LGBT (video)

*Update: Margaret Court's husband has protested. Oh the poor fuckin dear. I've just watched a doco made in the 2000's about gay people murdered in gay hate crimes in Sydney in the late '80's to early '90's' It only scratched the surface of the murders, now 88 in that time that the New South Wales police have re-opened for investigation citing the appalling lack of police work done at the time. The doco I'm talking about you can watch on YouTube here if you so desire. The lack of police action because they were gay could be argued as criminal, or dereliction of duty. But of course the NSW police were likely promoted and had a long career in the force.

These christians feigning persecution are only doing it to further their cause. They don't care about anyone except themselves. They just looooooove to pronounce that they're persecuted to gain sympathy. The truth is that they haven't the faintest idea what persecution is. During the doco linked above Wayne Tonks was shown again; the murdered gay school teacher who was David's first boyfriend. He was killed in 1990.

These people need to recognise that comparison. I cried watching that doco. I'm a very empathetic person and when David is affected so am I.

When was the last time any of christians ended up murdered like this because of who they are? I won't reveille the details only known to the police (and David I guess with a few others), but that pic is much worse than it looks.....  This was in eastern Sydney in 1990.


I have to start this post by saying I don't follow sports at all. I don't have a footy team, I don't sit watching cricket all day (particularly after that asshole Ricky bloody Ponting), and I hated playing sports in school. In New Zealand it was evidently assumed that the rules of rugby union were imparted on you magically at birth and you therefore never had to be taught them. Much like all the other sports played in school. I invariably went to the outfield in all these stupid games just to get as far away from them as I could. Once I got really adventurous and entered the fray in rugby. For a split second I even got the bloody ball! Only to be clobbered by the opposition in some rule that I didn't have the faintest idea. I think rugby union is about how hard you can clobber people :s  I was little for my age too which helped in the clobbering. But I digress......

So I'd never heard of Margaret Court, some fossilised Western Australian who legend told me was a legendary Australian tennis star from decades ago, having some tennis stadium named after her in eastern Australia called the Margaret Court Arena or something.. Since winning all those matches way before my time she had retired from tennis and become a pastor of a wacky fundamentalist Pentecostal church in WA. 

Despite most of Australia not even knowing who she was, but with the help of explanatory media giving her the platform, She used the platform of the postal survey where everyone could vote on our LGBT lives to preach here fundamentalist hate across the country. It was appalling as she used her past fame to preach that message, with you know all the tired old bla that these bible bashers come up with. At any other time us LGBT would have laughed it off, but in the context of the postal survey it was an obscenity. It appeared to us that christians knew no bounds in their hatred and despising of us, very much those christians who counted themselves fundamentalist Pentecostals. The time she chose to voice that hatred was really hurtful.

Needless to say many other Australians have voiced their feeling of being completely appalled by what she's said. Lots of tennis people too, who I myself am equally ignorant of who they are as Margaret Court as I just don't follow sport at all. 

However one name that rings a bell is Billie Jean King. From somewhere in the back of my head I remember long ago when she was some sort of legend in tennis (I'm 55 you know). I looked her up on Twitter and she's based in New York so I'm assuming she's one of the good Americans. 

In Australia for the moment she's taken to Margaret Court with a ten by four :)  Thank you America for producing this lovely truthful lady xxx



Friday, 12 January 2018

Troye Sivan new single "My my my" (video)

 Oh my..... I've leave it up to your own imaginations when you watch the video. Let's just say he's a young gay man who looks to be exploring his sexuality :)


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Cats waiting to be fed

*clic to enlarge
They make it known when it's time to eat. They act together too, Natasha being the ring leader. This is last night when I was battling Turnbull's internet on the PC. Zac and Natasha both jumped up on the little table next to me. Often too Natasha will stare at you constantly until she's fed.


Daughter & husband in Queenstown, New Zealand

Daughter is now in New Zealand's south island staying in Queenstown there near the bottom. The first picture below is the view from where they're staying, and the one below that is an hour's walk to Queenstown itself.

I've never been down the south island myself. After the upbringing I had in Taranaki all I wanted to do was get out of the place and away from my asshole family. 

I notice Queenstown is very near Fiordland, the bit on the left with lots of waterways. That's where they filmed the latest Alien movie (as well as Sydney) for those scenes where they found the alien ship. It rains all year there, highest rainfall in the world, only a couple of days a year sunshine. Why it was raining in the movie I suppose. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Trump & son Oprah inverview 2009 - dumb and dumber (video 2009)

I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree folks. All the more interesting with rumours flying of Oprah 2020.

 So in 2009 Oprah had an interview with Donald Trump and Trump Jnr. The subject in this clip is about Jnr using the Trump name and how he thought it had a stigma attached to it. However that's not exactly what Jnr said, saying instead that the was a "stigmata" associated with the Trump name. 

*bangs head against desk*


Public to pay for Foxtel cable maintenance even if NBN ditches it - Turnbull's Telstra deal

This whole National Broadband Network being fucked over by Turnbull is seriously starting to stink like a putrid rotting fish. Namely, how Murdoch's Foxtel is coming out of it all.

It's well known that Murdoch wanted fibre to the node as he didn't want the internet competing with his Foxtel. Ex PM Kevin Rudd who's original broadband plan was for fibre to the premises, wants a royal commission into it.

Now it's come to light that the cable that Turnbull wants to use For the NBN where it's available in cities and the like, will be maintained by the taxpayer. The cable TV that just happens to be what Foxtel uses for it's pay TV service. In fact contractually, even if the NBN ditches using the cable (which could happen given the problems they're having with the cable TV interfering with the NBN signal) taxpayers will still have to pay for that cable maintenance which Foxtel uses. 

At every turn in this whole Turnbull NBN fiasco, Murdoch comes out on top.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull faces expensive embarrassment if NBN Co cannot rectify problems that have halted the rollout of the HFC network he championed, as the company confirmed taxpayers will be forced to pay to maintain it for Telstra to broadcast Foxtel, even if it is ditched from the NBN.

 NBN chief executive Bill Morrow suddenly hit pause on the rollout of broadband delivered over pay television cables last week, due to mounting issues with service dropouts, delaying the roll out to an eventual 3 million metropolitan areas by an estimated six to nine months. 

However, as Labor ups its campaign for NBN to drop HFC in favour of fibre to the curb technology, NBN confirmed to The Australian Financial Review that it is contractually bound to maintain the ailing network for as long as Telstra wants to keep using it for pay-TV transmission. Australian Financial Review
What possible reason would Turnbull have to make such a deal, other than to give Murdoch what he wants?


Monday, 8 January 2018

The Trump-ets are losing it (video)

*Update: Miller had to be escorted off the premises by security after the interview.
I dunno what to say to this. I thought we had political disaster interviews in Australia but we got nothing on this. I guess I'd say we're witnessing the Trump US administration going down in a flaming heap. The sight of a White House person trying to defend the indefensible and re-write future history is indeed a sight to behold. Rarely have we seen such a blatant display of an emperor with no clothes. His enablers will go down in history as such.


Calls for Australia to close it's Vatican embassy over child sex abuse in Australia

During the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse in Australia (which became largely an inquiry into the Catholic church with 60% of cases coming from it alone) it became apparent that the Catholic church was using the Vatican's status with Australia as a nation state and thereby using that to protect it's paedophilia priests from prosecution here. 

The royal commission requested documents from the Vatican of child sex offender priests held by the "Holy See". The Vatican refused, using Australia's diplomatic recognition of it as a nation state to do so. 

There are now calles for the Australian embassy to the Vatican be closed.
In an opening address on February 6 to the 16th, and final, public hearing into the Catholic Church, counsel assisting the royal commission Gail Furness, SC, confirmed the Vatican had refused a request to provide files of all Australian church abuse cases referred to the Holy See. The Vatican advised in 2014 it was “neither possible nor appropriate”.

 Letters made public by the royal commission show chairman, Justice Peter McClellan, wrote to Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin in April, 2014, saying the Vatican files would help the commission understand the extent of clerical child sex allegation referrals to the Vatican, and the action taken by the church in each case. 

Cardinal Parolin declined in July, 2014, in a letter to the Australian embassy at the Vatican, saying the request to “undertake the substantial burden of locating, reviewing and copying all files regarding every accused Australian cleric appears inconsistent with international practice”. 

 He ended his letter to the Australian embassy by reaffirming “the importance of reciprocal exchanges of information between sovereign states”. The Herald
 In other words the Australian gov is letting them get away hiding Australian child sex abuse by the church, by recognising the Vatican as a nation state.

Wikileaks put "Fire and Fury" manuscript online for free (link)

*Update: the link stopped working. Drat, I should have saved the PDF!
The tell all book "Fire and Fury" has been put online by Wikileaks for free. In the form of a PDF, you can read the whole book here.

I haven't looked at it yet but are we really that surprised at the revelations folks? People have been saying ever since he was elected that he never wanted to be president. The guy has been a charlatan all his life. Bankrupt about 4 times with delusions of grandeur. Can't even run his own life let alone the life of the most powerful man in the world.

I got a lot of blowback from some in the US straight after Trump was elected as I was trying to convey the horror that we felt down under at such a complete imbecile racist fool for president. However everything I said to disbelieving Trump voters has since come true. Trump's presidency is anti-gay, reckless, pro big end of town and trickle down, disorganised lurching from one self inflicted crisis to the next, patently stupid and with the wolves of justice barking at the doors. His foreign policy consists of little more than comparing dick/button sizes.

Come on America, get rid of this moron. He's unfit to lead the free world. In fact he's unfit to organise his way out of a wet paper bag FFS. If the US is ever going to be "great again" then it really does need to look at how it's electoral system allowed such and idiot to become their glorious leader and see that it never happens again.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Pulse shooters wife knew he was planning to attack club well beforehand

An FBI statement taken off Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salmon, just hours after Mateen killed 49 in Pulse, she says she saw Mateen preparing for the attack and knew he was going to the LGBT club Pulse.

The judge is deciding whether the FBI statement is admissible in court

If true one wonders how someone of religion in good conscience not go to the police to warn them of what was to unfold. Yes Mateen was a nutter who should never have been able to get his hands on a firecracker let alone a gun. But why would his partner not want to stop Mateen before he killed 49 people? You'd think she'd be just as guilty as him for letting it happen.

Storms are god's wrath because gays - Cow Scat Paster Swanson (audio)

Yes folks, Cow Scat Pastor Swanson, from the US (known for his fetish fantasy of covering himself in cow shit at his son's gay wedding if it happened), is back again for another round of far right christian cowshit folks. This time is he isn't demanding the death of gays, which is never far from his lips. He is however blaming us for evilly sneaking "indoctrination" text books in to California's public school system.

You see the global warming precedents that we're seeing now in the form of severe storms and extreme weather, aren't really caused by that lefty conspiracy global warming. No, it's because there are new text books in California schools non-judgemental of gays. Oh the humanity!

Swanson caught my attention some time ago when he did a sermon at an event during the presidential election campaign where Rubulican candidates shared the stage with him and spoke at the event. The sermon called for gays to be killed because the bible.

During that event he also preached that if he had a son who got gay married he'd turn up at the wedding dressed in sackcloth and ashes and covering himself with cow shit. And he reckons gays are sick and evil :s