Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gov has canned Careers Australia- "Jobs and growth"? (video)

David's nursing course with Careers Australia has bitten the dust because of the gov bean counters in Canberra. It's just lucky for David that he has deferred the course due to some health issues and now doesn't owe anything.

Not so for his classmates. They've had their whole future abruptly canceled in the middle of everything. One class there was only two weeks away from graduating.

They want to give $1 billion to the foreign mining company Adani, but they do this to 15,000 students studying? They don't appear to understand the human cost of this stupid decision.

Thank you Margaret Court for showing the idiocy of marriage equality opponents (video)

Margaret Court is getting a lot of deserved criticism over her train wreck interview last week, in which she accused marriage equality proponents of bullying christians who come out with her sort of drivel. She's a legendary tennis star of Australia, but now is the pastor of a pentecostal church. Although she says her tennis shouldn't be bought into the debate (some now want Margaret Court arena renamed) she does appear to be using her fame from tennis to push her view.

But aside from all that I'd like to thank her for laying out the real driveling reasons why christians don't want the likes of David and I to be married. When they've run out of arguments it seems this is the only thing left; ie "the bible says". In fact she even says to read the first two pages of the bible FFS. Yes, her whole argument is based on a 2,000 year old book written by desert nomads who believed in an invisible sky man. 

It's not even an argument but a religious viewpoint. It certainly doesn't belong in logical debate on the subject. The only effect her beliefs expressed as they are is to illuminate to Australians the sheer bigoted idiocy of why christians are opposed to our love for each other.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

QLD gov turns on Adani - refuses to give $1billion NAIF loan (video)

An email has just arrived from GetUp saying that the Queensland gov now refuses to hand over the $1 billion loan to Adani.

From the email:

The Queensland Government will not hand the $1 billion NAIF loan to Adani.

 In stunning breaking news, Premier Palaszczuk just announced the Queensland Government will refuse to give the money to Adani.

 For the loan to go ahead, it has to go via the Queensland Government. Now that Queensland Labor have refused to act as go-between on this dirty deal, Turnbull's craven billion-dollar payoff to Adani has been left stranded.

 It's a massive body blow to Adani, who are now desperately trying to extort handouts from governments as the financial sector abandons them.

Politician present at gay tortures, Chechnya

The speaker of the Chechen parliament has been described by prisoners who have spent time in the torture camps, as being present during their torture.

Magomed Daudov, pictured above right has been described as being well involved in the torture.

Human Rights Watch has released its report on the gay purge in Chechnya. According to the investigation, the mass abductions and torture began with the approval of Magomed Daudov, the speaker of the Chechen parliament, who had been told once the first men were detained and their phones checked for contacts of other gay men.

 Most of the former detainees interviewed by Human Rights Watch confirmed hearing the police who held and abused them refer to Daudov and to orders he allegedly issued about violence against gay men. Human Rights Watch reports that three of the interviewed detainees witnessed his presence at detention sites in Argun and Grozny.

 Novaya Gazeta, a leading independent newspaper that initially broke the news also repeatedly reported about Daudov's visits to the unofficial prison. One of the victims speaking to Human Rights Watch described the following:

 “It was like a chain. They get one person, go through his phone, torture him, make him name some others, get those others, and so it goes… In the place where I was held, we were four [gay men] at first, but several days later we were already 20. At night, when we were left alone, I tried to convince the new arrivals to buck up, deny everything, not name anyone. I kept telling them that the more people we name, the more information we give, the longer we’ll spend in this hell hole, the longer we’ll be tortured… I was telling them, can’t you see, those who talk are tortured even harder… But the torture was bad – the beatings, and the electric shocks especially – very few could bear it without breaking”. Dazed

Friday, 26 May 2017

Gay porn star reveals HIV+ status - video

The personal stories of those who have HIV are a powerful way to break down the continuing stigma associated with HIV. We're people like everyone else.

This is one of those stories.

Proud Zac with the young cats - pics :)

Zac has definitely taken on the roll of proud dad. Above he's very happy that he's shown Cloe how to jump up on things and get on top of the microwave on top of the fridge. Cloe is looking about as it's the first time she's made it up there.

Below Zac is showing his love for Casper with licking :)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Australian political fallout after Taiwan introduces marriage equality

Bitter rich white middle aged angry catholic homophobe Abetz
Thank you Taiwan for destroying the dumbest argument against marriage equality, expressed by one of our dumbest and bigoted bitter white middle aged catholic men politicians in Canberra. 

The ever unfailing Lieberal homophobe Eric Abetz has said that as Australia is part of Asia, and as Asia doesn't want gay marriage, then we should be part of Asia and not get gay marriage.

Well Taiwan just got gay marriage .......
What's more, the court added that the "creation of a permanent union of intimate and exclusive nature for the committed purpose of managing a life together by two persons of the same sex will not affect the application of the Marriage Chapter to the union of two persons of the opposite sex" – almost as though the extension of civil rights to same-sex couples will have zero effect on opposite sex couples. Why, can you even imagine?

 And this is going to cause sorrow in some marriage equality opponents, especially its parliamentary poster boy: Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz.

 See, he has been especially relying on our regional neighbours holding firm on traditional marriage – especially since those seditious New Zealanders got all reasonable about civil rights and personal freedom in 2013.

 Back in July 2015 he articulated one of the most creatively silly arguments against gay marriage: to wit, that no Asian countries had made it legal, and thus we couldn't consider such a thing here. You know, since Australia is part of Asia.

 "The Labor Party and other journalists tell us time and time again that we are living in the Asian century, tell me how many Asian countries have redefined marriage?" the plucky senator opined on ABC radio. "Are we in the Asian century or not? It's amazing how certain people try to pick and choose in relation to debates."

 Speaking of picking and choosing, Eric's otherwise been very clear about how Australia is a nation of Judeo-Christian values, so it might seem a smidgen opportunistic to have decided that in this particular example he'd suddenly embrace convenient regional prejudices rather than, say, the examples of all the other English-speaking nations of his beloved Judeo-Christian tradition. Sydney Morning Herald

Taiwan recognises same sex marriage - 1st in Asia

Whilst Australia still waits for the Lieberal party to drag itself into this century, Taiwan is the latest country to move on marriage equality, with the constitutional court there ruling in favour of same sex marriage. They are the first Asian nation to do so.
“I am so touched. Finally we’ve reached this moment. This represents Taiwan’s human rights. This is a step forward in human rights,” said the 60-year-old retiree, who asked that only his first name be used.

 A bill to enforce the ruling is already working its way through the legislature, where both the ruling and major opposition parties support legalization of same-sex marriage. Surveys show a majority of the public is also in favor, as is President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female leader.

 Gays and lesbians in Taiwan have formed an effective lobby in recent years, with an annual Gay Pride march drawing tens of thousands. While some conservative religious and social groups have mobilized against same-sex marriage, their influence is much less potent than in the United States and many other parts of the world.

 “The need, capability, willingness and longing, in both physical and psychological senses, for creating such permanent unions of intimate and exclusive nature are equally essential to homosexuals and heterosexuals, given the importance of the freedom of marriage to the sound development of personality and safeguarding of human dignity,” the court said in its ruling. AP

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

U2 performs on Jimmy Kimmel show - video

A brilliant surprise performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show a couple of hours ago, in the US by U2. You have to watch the whole thing. It's absolutely brilliant.

Indonesia canes two men for having gay sex (video)

The large audience cheers and jeers as the caning is taking place. The men are only 20 and 23. Those doing the caning are hooded. This is deeply sick. 

Very weird Trump picture :s

It's got nothing to do with the story it was heading up, but this picture of Trump has to be one of the strangest I've seen. How can someone even pronounce words with their mouth shaped like a fish? And he's poking his lips so far out you can see the inside of his mouth, eew. 

I even tried making that face myself but couldn't do it. Alas I'm no Alec Baldwin.

Cat sibling love - pics :)

*click to enlarge
Cloe and Casper continue to grow. Casper I think is one of the fastest growing cats I've ever seen, whilst Cloe remains the dainty female. She does like a bit of rough and tumble though playing.

Couple of pictures of brother and sister, and one of Casper next to his favourite cushion :)  They absolutely love each other. Unusual these days I guess for two cats from the same litter to grow up together. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Life with bankruptcy - year 2

I've been up to my eyeballs filling out the second Statement Of Income for the Australian Financial Securities Authority. Being bankrupt I have to do this so they can ascertain if I'm able to pay back any of the debt I incurred with the Commonwealth Bank the other year when David suffered that discrimination and lost his job. 

It left us right in the lurch scrambling for paperwork to satisfy Centrelink that he was entitled to at least the dole. He didn't even have a birth certificate for identity so we had to send in to Births, Deaths and Marriages in the city to get one issued which took weeks. Then Australia Post lost it and we had to get another one reissued. Then David's work failed to issue a notice of termination which Centrelink needed for him to get anything, so there was even more delays. In the end he went without anything for a full three months before getting a cent out of Centrelink.

All I was getting was the DSP, but as David had just moved in we went to Centrelink as a couple. So as soon as we did that Centrelink in all it's wisdom cut my payments down to a partnered pension well before David was even getting any payments at all. It left us with nothing, not even enough for the rent a fortnight. Centrelink just said he'd be backpaid from when he first applied once all the paperwork was sorted out (it took them a month BTW to do that) and for us to see a charity in the meantime. Seriously, after both of us working 30 years they told us that. It was just lucky I had a credit card with a big line of credit as it got to the point we were using it to pay the rent half the time.

Once he finally got on Newstart the situation was still very dire. My entire partnered pension went on the rent, leaving Newstart of less than $500 a fortnight to live off for both of us. It was diabolically impossible, and we had no choice but to keep using the credit card for basic living. In the end with my health David went on a Carer Payment pension for me, along with the Carers Allowance, and we finally had enough to survive. But it was impossible to pay anything back on the credit card, hence is why I was forced into bankruptcy.

So this Income Statement the gov wants off me each year (not sure how long, 3-5yrs) is a full comprehensive income and asset statement for the last twelve months. And they want everything, giving little more than a week for me to send in the completed form. Bank statements for the last month, Centrelink statements, last years tax return, just everything.

I've chosen email rather than snail mail to do it, but even without paper it still takes ages to get everything together. Each time I sit down and think I'll spend about 20 minutes on it the time stretches out to a couple of hours. Would be hopeless without the internet.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The white collars caught ripping off gov $165m - arrests and jail (video)

This is extraordinary. One of the biggest scams in Australia's modern history.

I've been seeing bits and pieces about it online but until now haven't had the interest to look into it. But OMG when you watch this video if you're like me you'll feel a bit dumbstruck. 

I'm reminded in my mind at this point of the robodept fiasco where us poor and sick were targeted by a flawed gov computer program that was strong arming us to pay back unproven debts to Centrelink. You can't get blood out of a stone. Indeed there was at least one young life lost to suicide over an alleged $18,000 debt. 

The thing is, if you're targeting welfare recipients for money you're talking about chook feed. Honestly, there's just no meaningful money in it for the gov bottom line. In essence the gov is using us as a cheap target for political gain, demonising us as bludging welfare cheats. Truth is it's extremely hard to rip off Centrelink as there's so many hoops to jump through it's just about impossible I'd say. The statistics reflect that with the number of Centrelink clients charged with fraud being very low. They'll catch you in the end so why would anyone bother?

Yet we get robodebt, newspaper headlines of us being a burden to society, and now the latest they want to drug test people before they receive a cent from Centrelink.  

This story gives a great insight to what's really going on.....  At least none of them have suicided......


Japanese killed 333 whales this yr sth Ocean - Sea Shepherd only ones there to stop (video)

Dead whale on Japanese whaling ship this season, from video shot by Sea Shepherd helicopter
This video a summary of the Sea Shepherds efforts this year in the Southern Ocean off Australia's south, which is a breeding ground for whales. They migrate every year to those waters, passing along Australia's eastern coast and even attracting whale watching tourism, where people are taken out on boats to see them coming up.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Japanese whalers, who for some strange and bizarre reason appear to think it's their cultural right to come and slaughter these whales off our southern coastline. This year they killed over 300.

The other year the international community deemed it illegal for Japan to do this. We considered this a big victory against the killing. They had been using the "scientific research" defence in saying that that was why they were killing them. What bullshit! This has been going on for decades, I remember growing up in New Zealand and as a child thinking how absurd it was for Japan to give such a lame reason for slaughtering them.

So when that "scientific research" became illegal, Japan simply implemented another "scientific research" program slightly different than before, and today that is what they're using to kill whales off our coast for their Japanese dining tables. 

The Australian gov refuses to do anything for fear of offending Japanese delicate sensibilities, being our so called allies. The only people standing between the whaling ships and the whales is the Sea Shepherd.